Adventure in the Andes – American Fitness - August 2007

Adventure in the Andes – American Fitness (July/August 2007)

When I was a little girl I was enthralled by the exotic recordings my family had of Peruvian born singing sensation Yma Sumac. Her acrobatic vocal range made her performances of Hollywood versions of her native folksongs mystical. Claims that sultry Sumac was an Incan princess directly descended from Atahualpa, the 13th and last emperors of the Inca Empire, captured my active imagination. One snowy winter afternoon when I was home from school, I happened to tune in to the 1954 film Secrets of the Incas. There was Yma singing in the Andes from what I now think was supposed to be Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. A vague memory of the film stayed with me and as travelers began trekking to Machu Picchu I made it a goal to one day visit the sacred site. I did so in the summer of 2004 (read more)

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