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Internationally known mind-body movement expert Tannis Kobrinsky demonstrates and guides you through the energy infused, fun “WELL worked out” practice. The workout weaves together Pilates, energizing Qi Gong moves, and gentle, easy, yoga-based stretches and balance poses. World music rhythms and sounds add inspiration.

WELL DVD selected as 1 of the top 10 favorite DVD’s of 2010 by Pilates Style Magazine, and awarded the
“Most user friendly DVD” award for 2010!

LA TIMES January 2011 :

New DVD’s for the “Older set”
from Tannis Kobrinsky, Richard Simmons…

“Want to be inspired by what an over-50 body can do? Check out Pilates fusion teacher Tannis Kobrinsky’s new release. Kobrinsky, 56, who has taught dance and Pilates for more than 40 years, may have gray hair and wrinkles, but her body is as strong as steel and as flexible as that of a ballet company ingénue…”

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“…Kobrinsky is an inspiring instructor.
One look at her whether you’re 25 or 65 you’ll want to learn the moves that help her sculpt such an impressive physique.”

A choice addition to personal fitness DVD libraries
“Hosted by Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor Tannis Kobrinsky (certified by Juliu Horvath), Well: Worked Out is a fitness DVD blending Pilates, Qi Gong moves, yoga-based stretches, and balance poses to the rhythms of music from around the world…a choice addition to personal fitness DVD libraries.”


Superior workout by a Pilates pro!
“Well Worked Out embraces the principles of Pilates with a professional and loving approach that will make followers — beginning and advanced alike — cultivate a new appreciation for their bodies. Instructor Tannis Kobrinsky, a model of flexibility and strength, gives clear, easy-to-follow instructions as she demonstrates each exercise, along with practical modifications provided by three students of varying abilities. She’s an inspiration for those who’ve fallen off the fitness wagon as well as for seasoned Pilates practitioners who are bored with standard workouts. Kobrinsky’s genuine enthusiasm for the practice is an inspiration for anyone looking to discover — or rediscover — the joy of movement.”

A Great Workout For Fun, Fitness and Flexibility!
“Just sent this new DVD to my mother who is in her 70′s and I was afraid that it might be too challenging for her. I was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed it – she was able to do most of the moves and found it both fun and relaxing. She also liked the slower pace of the workout and really enjoyed seeing one of the participants, Cissy, who was her own age! Best of all, she felt GREAT once she had finished it. She plans on adding this workout to her daily walks to help her stay in shape and improve her flexibility… Great job!”

Fun. Safe. Challenging!
“I met Tannis recently and took several GYROTONIC classes with her, which I enjoyed a lot. Pilates has never drawn me, seems boring and linear. I enjoy her fresh approach to Pilates work in this DVD, with the inclusion of some yoga and chakra work, even some gyro. I found some of the core exercises challenging, but didn’t see them as beyond my reach. My 26-yr-old son did this DVD with me and also enjoyed it. He’s a professional cirque performer and coach and is in terrific condition, so one DVD that both of us enjoyed has got to be good. It’s on my list to buy for my 68-yr-old sister – I think she’ll find it accessible, too. I’m a retired family nurse practitioner, and I’m very comfortable with the safety aspects of this DVD, even for total newbies. Thanks, Tannis!”

Doable yet challenging… a perfect balance!
“I’ve had my Well workout DVD for a couple weeks now and love it! I have been out of practice in both my strength building and stretch exercises for quite a while and this video was able to challenge me without scaring me off. I can’t say that for all the videos I have. This probably means I’ll keep Well Worked Out in my DVD player for a while. I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the short spiritual session included in the workout. I have used the option to skip directly to this part when I feel the need to decompress after work. I’m looking forward to improving my strength, balance and flexibility. This is a great video!”

70+ and loving it!
“Since I live in LA, I’ve had the privilege of working with Tannis in classes and in private, particularly a few years ago when I had a hip replacement and needed to strengthen my core and my hip both before and after the surgery. But what a privilege it is to be able to plug this in at home and be responsible for my own workout!! Sometimes I follow Cissy, and sometimes I actually can do what Tannis is doing; but there is always a model in front of me to show me the adaptation I need to make. Tannis is a very gifted teacher; and she makes the whole process understandable and useful. What a great Christmas gift this tape makes for people of all ages and abilities. Especially people (like me..!) who found the whole idea of Pilates intimidating!

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