WELL blog!

I’ve been putting off diving in to blogging.  Me!  A communicator and writer.  I’ve been using writing as therapy for myself, and as a means of story telling to better understand the human condition and what makes us all tick, and to disperse information, for years.  I am finally here saying well, blog already!  I intend to post WELL blogs regularly.  Topics?  Purpose? Not just about the buzz word WELLNESS – I’m referring to a more ancient source, and to a broader purpose.

The WELL blog title sprung from the concept of not simply wellness and well being, but of a well, as in an ancient well. Like a wishing well.  A sacred well, that provides oh-so necessary water – the source of life.  In folklore around the world wells were, and are, considered sacred.  They were magical. They were the water spirits’ realm.  They were a place to pray – to meditate – to find answers – to dream – to wish.  And so in the WELL blog I’ll explore where to source wellness, and how to allow that wellness to fill our lives.  Sure there’ll be suggestions on movement modalities that I know, and that I’m exploring and learning about.  Way to keep the body strong, supple and healthy.  But beyond movement there’s so many elements that contribute to our well being.  For instance what replenishes our senses? Of courser it’s different of all of us.  But there are common sources that feed our beings.  Sunrises.  Sunsets.  Certain scents.  Being acknowledged for our unique skills and gifts.  Being loved, and loving others.  These are the elements that fill the majority of us with joy.  And that’s what I want to offer here.  Ways to find joy, in movement, in your work, in your relationships, in your day to day adventures, and in those special adventures to other cultures and sacred places.

I’ll draw from the well of the world around us and speak on ways to keep the well spring flowing in your life, even in times of drought and darkness.  In other words, how to keep the juices flowing in heart, body and brain.  Perhaps books, reading them, writing them.  Art, viewing or doing.  Travel – within and without. Food for ourselves, for others.  Relationship – with people, animals, nature, our self  - well, the subjects are endless. I’ll take on a first topic later this week.  So come back to the WELL blog – and bring your questions, your dreams and wishes with you – we’ll commune!

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