Womens Travel

Women, whether they’re friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, partners or strangers, share a connection that makes them fabulous travel companions. HealtHabiTravels luxury womens adventure travel and cultural immersion tours are a perfect female friendly meld of:

SOFT ADVENTURES: Kayaking estuaries for first time paddlers, guided moderate hikes to natural wonders and sacred sites, zip-line canopy rides with instructors riding tandem for the feint of heart, snorkeling and whale watching to name a few.

CULTURAL IMMERSION EXPERIENCES: Weaving workshops and culinary classes, drumming circles, salsa dance classes, herbal remedy classes, attending music and arts festivals, city walks and museum visits with expert guides, wine tasting tours, life-coaching workshops, wildlife drawing classes, and the list goes on…

LUXURY SPA HOLIDAYS: Hot stone massages, Reike, Lomi-Lomi, moonlit midnight swims at private villas, Pilates, yoga, meditation, Gyrokinesis(r) practice, healthy cooking and eating workshops.

Pilates Retreats

We include Pilates in our womens travel adventures, and all our health retreats, because women and men benefit immeasurably from Pilates mind-body practice.

Pilates expert, Tannis Kobrinsky’s 60 minute Pilates mat classes are designed for people of all levels. They not only help physical balance, flexibility, posture and coordination, but revitalize and invigorate the spirit!

Unforgettable Womens Travel

Join one of HealtHabiTravels groups OR let HealtHabiTravels customize an unforgettable magical group holiday for you and your friends that conjures up a blend of relaxation, adventure, cultural excursions, spa treatments and luxury for your group.

Whether you’re married women and your husbands either can’t or won’t travel, or you’re a single woman seeking the companionship and safety of traveling with others, you’ll find not only rewarding travels but welcoming friends on HealtHabiTravels tours.