Spa Vacations

Cultural Health Spa Vacations

Our health spa vacations combine ecotourism, cultural tours with mind-body practice (Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®), and will delight your mind, body and spirit. Our health retreats are ideal for both women and men looking for unique healthy “green” spa vacations that respect the planet and its beauty.

Health Habitravels Pilates Retreats

Health Habitravels offers a unique Pilates program with your exclusive spa vacation in inspirational, often exotic, locations. Pilates expert, Tannis Kobrinsky, leads 60 minute Pilates mat classes – designed for people of all fitness levels. Pilates exercise not only helps promote physical balance, flexibility, posture and coordination, but revitalizes and invigorates the spirit!

Spa Vacation Travel With Cultural Luxury Adventure Twist

Imagine transforming retreats and adventure travels that are experiential and educational travels to amazing, and often exotic world cultures – healing mind-body-spirit global travel adventures aimed to awaken and enrich your awareness of the local culture. Active travel adventures – hike stunning landscapes, kayak with the dolphins and whales, whitewater raft and snorkel. All this adventure combines with R&R time at spa facilities – some rustic, some world class – and the blend assures healthy holidays that revitalize the body with spa treatments and healing waters.

Cultural exploration + luxury + travel adventure = Health Habitravels cultural health spa vacations!