Pilates Retreat

Pilates Retreats – Pilates Vacations with Health Habitravels

Health Habitravels Pilates Retreats take you away from life’s stresses, and stretch your mind, spirit and body. Pilates, Gyrokinesis® and gentle-yoga classes are always available. Like yoga, Pilates and Gyrokinesis® are mind-body disciplines performed on a mat and travel well. Classes are integrated into Health Habitravels retreats:

  • Spa holidays and retreats with stunning designated studios and poolside patios.
  • Luxury adventure travels and ecotour class settings range from private yacht decks to chic gathering rooms
  • Cultural tour practices happen in unforgettable spots such as a terrace with a view of Florence’s Duomo.

Pilates Retreat classes meet the needs of novices. More advanced students find consistent practice through all of our travel programs deepens their practice. And what better way to enhance your vacation of cultural walking tours, ecotour hikes and kayak excursions – and many amazing adventure travel activities – than with Pilates classes that strengthen and stretch you in every way!