Ecotourism with Health Habitravels

The term ecotourism derives from ecological tourism. Under the broad umbrella of tourism, one of the hottest segments is travel, especially “green” travel and agri-tourism, with nature based adventures and sustainable tourism taking center stage. Ecotourism lends a unique spin to how, where and why ecologically and socially conscious people travel. Ecotours and green travel emphasis learning about sustaining, even enhancing the local cultures and wilderness areas visited. When we travel this way, AWARE, then nature excursions and outdoor adventures do more than simply thrill us, they INFORM. Travel becomes a deeper experience which fosters personal growth.

Ecotours with Health Habitravels

While the concept of ecotourism is often misunderstood and can be used by the travel industry to mislead, Health Habitravels ecotours are chosen and planned according to the more authentic definition of preserving the beauty and delicacy of nature, while being environmentally responsible.

When you integrate daily mind-body practice with veteran movement educator Tannis Kobrinsky into Health Habitravels ecotour travel adventures, they transform into life-altering eco-adventures, ecotourism, cultural tours or spa vacations seasoned with a luxury travel flavor!