Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours With True Expertise

Health Habitravels Cultural Tours create opportunities to be travelers rather than tourists. We work in association with reputable, well established local tour operators. These affiliations connect us with expert multi-lingual local guides who are passionate about the history, art and culture of the countries we visit.

Experience Adventure Cultural Travel

We learn through our senses, in hands-on music, arts, crafts and culinary workshops taught by experts. We discover artisans’ workshops and hidden gems at shops and marketplaces with the help of insider shopping guides.

We go behind the scenes at wineries to not only taste, but to learn about the vintner process. We hike through plantations and orchards and hear how the land’s been cultivated through the centuries, and then we savor the taste of the fruits of these lands.

A few Health Habitravels Cultural Tours, retreats and luxury travel adventures include short retreats at convents, monasteries and temples allowing time for authentic quiet, inward spiritual journeys.

Unique Travel Lodging

Health Habitravels extensive research rewards travelers with the most memorable homes away from home. Our travel lodging includes:

  • Restored historic estates—in the country among the real people
  • Intimate, distinctive boutique Inns in urban areas, rather than large chain hotels.
  • Retreat centers—some are centuries old homes transformed into luxury spas and serve organic local cuisine.

Health Habitravels Unique Cultural Tour Travel

Health Habitravels groups are small, anywhere from 10-24 people. Thanks to this Health Habitravels Cultural Tours get you off the regular large group tourist bus circuit and down the unbeaten path to deeper explorations of a destination’s history, culture and people.

Our cultural tour travels explore unique as well as world renowned destinations, including guided tours of internationally famous museums and historic sites, and attendance at festivals and concerts.

Health Habitravels Cultural Tour travel tantalizes us as we learn about other peoples and cultures. These experiences serve as catalysts that broaden our perspective of the world.