Active Travel

Active Travel For Action Loving Adventurers

Fun, memorable, and sometimes thrilling health-enhancing physical activities are included in Health Habitravels active Adventure Travels. Select from soft adventures to those that chill and thrill.

Active Adventure Travel With Health Habitravels

With Health Habitravels adventure travel, learn about and participate in:

  • Zip-line rides through rainforests. Talk about an adrenalin rush!
  • Trek through the jungle to this end reward – Nothing rouses the senses more than standing under a sky-scraper high waterfall.
  • And the memory of standing reverently in a sacred site after a long hike up an ancient trail will last you a lifetime.

Whenever possible, Health Habitravels’ active adventure travel leaves the bus behind. We walk, row, paddle, and climb, zip-line, snorkel, dive, kayak, trek–and when the sun sets–drum, dance, take out the yoga mat and breathe and stretch.

Active Travel At Your Own Pace

Because this is YOUR HOLIDAY these inclusive activities are always OPTIONAL. You’ll go at your own pace. Moderate alternative activities are available, or curl by a cozy fire, rest by the pool or on the beach, or soak up a healing massage. Always enjoy active travel at your own pace.

Active Travel Luxury & Pilates Retreats

Health Habitravels active travel includes the luxury of excellent Pilates, yoga and Gyrokinesis® instruction, access to luxury spa treatments, and upscale but close to nature lodgings where sustainable tourism meets chic comfort. So pack your active travel gear and join us in some of the most beautiful, remote, exotic destinations on the planet.