About Tannis

Tannis Kobrinsky

Canadian born Tannis developed a love of nature growing up in Santa Barbara, California where she had access to superior ballet training. She began training at 4, and by her teens was dancing and teaching professionally. Knee troubles ended a fledgling ballet career, but she kept dancing and branched into performing arts. She majored in Theatre and performed in regional theater. A Screen Actors Guild member, she’s worked both in front of and behind the camera in film and TV and is a produced screenwriter. In the late 1990s she created courses and recruited speakers nationally for The Learning Annex. But one calling, movement education, has been a constant in her life. She has taught dance, movement and fitness since age 16. She holds a Body Arts and Science International certification in Pilates, and is a licensed GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor. Her clients and students range from chronic disease sufferers to dancers and athletes. She teaches extensively in the Los Angeles area. She’s taught for several decades at yoga studios, fitness clubs and YMCAs in L.A. County, and has been on staff at ATP Specific Training in South Pasadena, California for 10 years.  She’s taught Pilates matwork at USC Norris Cancer Center to USC staff, faculty and graduate students since 2008.  WELL worked out with Tannis, a Pilates fusion DVD is available now.  The DVD gives everyone the opportunity to work out with Tannis at home and wherever your travels take you.

She’s contributed articles to both print and electronic media publications such as Pilates Style Magazine, Yogitimes Magazine, American Fitness Magazine, Pilates Pro’s “The Pulse” and Pilates Fitness “Journey and Health and Goodness.”

Tannis is available for private Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® sessions, group classes, and is a presenter/lecturer on mind-body practices, healthy living and travel.

Tannis brings spontaneity, focus, and her innate love of people and joy of reciprocal learning, where student and teacher awaken one another, to all her classes, workshops and Health Habitravels Adventure travels, ecotours, cultural tours, spa holidays and Pilates retreats.

Health Habitravels fuses Tannis’s desire to share, not only her love and knowledge of mind-body practices with men and women travelers, but to provide safe, restorative, small group luxury travels to international destinations. She’s traveled solo and with groups on adventures to cultural centers, sacred sites and off-the-beaten-track corners of the world – read more in the Past Travel Destination Archives. These travels awakened the explorer in her, and led to the birth of Health Habitravels – A travel company dedicated to healthy, life enhancing, adventure travels and sustainable tourism.

Tannis looks forward to sharing with you and other kindred spirit HHT travelers rewarding adventures that deepen your knowledge of our amazing planet’s history, lands and people.

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“Strength, balance, fitness, health, laughter, and inspiration – these are just some of the benefits I’ve gotten from my Pilates work with Tannis. She’s an incredible, creative and energetic teacher!! It’s a privilege to work with her.” –Melissa Johnson, Ph.D.

“Tannis is nothing short of a miracle worker. She is that rare person who is not only an extraordinary athlete, but a fine teacher as well. She is genuinely interested in and concerned for the welfare of her students, and accurately perceives when, where and how to focus. I met her when I was fifty, arthritic and depressed. She has opened up a world of flexibility and strength for me which I never would have imagined possible. Anyone who gets to work with Tannis is fortune indeed.”
–Rita Williams, professional writer.

“Tannis is an inspirational and knowledgeable teacher. Under her instruction I have improved my strength and flexibility and now consider myself a Pilates addict. Her enthusiasm is contagious.”
–Joanne Sy, Financial Analyst

“Tannis is a really gifted and caring Pilates and Gyrotonic teacher who pays careful attention to each client’s individual needs, and helps them attain their personal goals. I’ve gone on Health Habitravels adventures several times, and discovered that Tannis has an uncanny ability to create wonderful, relaxing and exciting trips. All the work is done for you except for having great fun and new adventures. She’s also a lovely human being who enriches the lives of those who know her.”
–Jan Barnow, Realtor, Prudential Realty, California.